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We are also now live in Austin, Texas

Twenty years ago we provided staff to MMR IT who were the main IT Company providing support for London outposts of US law firms. As these offices grew we helped these firms hire their first London IT Managers and then grow their regional IT services.

To date we have worked for over 15 US firms in London and are a leading expert in US Legal Tech, whether for a small outpost or large concern. We understand the difference between working for a satellite law firm office and a head office e.g. US Firm, London compared with UK Firm, London.

With the growth over the law few years of the largest UK and US firms seeking a truly international footprint, we have seen clients of ours in the UK merge with firms in the US. Many have technology resources spread across US, EMEA and Asia and need help resourcing people in multiple locations.

Our US office aims to service all our clients who have technology teams in the US and offer a consistency of service across all locations.

Kristian McMaster, with 17 years' experience recruiting for UK and US law firms at ITS, has located in Austin, Texas to deliver this service.

Please contact Kristian on 020 7871 5571 or

Moor Place, 1 Fore Street, London EC2Y 9DT 
Tel: 020 7871 5555

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